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How often do you feel stuck in your head? Even though you "know better," do you sometimes find yourself reacting in ways that don't align with your values?

How do we access our inner-knowing & implement our inherent power in order to move forward with integrity & authenticity?

     ** We begin by getting out of our heads & into our bodies. **

Beneath all the tasks we need to do and roles we have to fill, there is a power that allows our authenticity to shine out- if we can stay connected to it.

Once we feel connected within our own bodies, we can start to truly connect on the outside- strengthening all our most valuable relationships.

Through self-reflection, gentle guided movement, and collaborative creation, this class aims to provide an inclusive opportunity for adults (no experience necessary) to creatively balance their brains & bodies, remember who they are at the core, and discover new, integrated ways to move through life with their authentic light leading the way.

🎟 Tickets $20
Check out the sneak peek below!

Have you registered for a "Moving Together" Class? If so, request to join our private Facebook group, "Moving Together: Developing Community," to reflect and connect with caregivers like you!

 Be well. Do good. Move together. 

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