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June 24 - 28, 2024

Lower Macungie Township Community Center

3450 Brookside Road * Macungie, PA

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Creating Together Arts Camp is a full-day, collaborative program for young artists ages 7-12 seeking to explore and create within various art forms and mindful practices.

Creating Together Arts Camp will be offered at the Lower Macungie Township Community Center in Macungie, PA on June 24 - 28 from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. 

Children will be asked to pack a water bottle/lunch/snacks and will have daily opportunities for outdoor, unstructured PLAY (weather permitting) on the facility's ample green space. 

In this year's extended, full day program, artists will have time at the end of each day for independent artistic exploration with whichever artistic medium is inspiring them that day.

Throughout the week, artists will try new things & make new friends, while experiencing the freedom to create without the pressure to perform.


Mistakes are welcomed as part of the process when you live creatively.

At Creating Together Arts Camp, we hope to provide young artists with:

  • the space to become more of who they already are

  • the opportunity to find their people, who are similarly-wired with a passion for creative self-expression

  • the encouragement to start creating a better, more beautiful world- together

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Theatre: Artists will engage in improvisational scenarios that will allow them to create, re-create, and move between varied identities of themselves and others, all in the hopes of creating confident & compassionate artists.

Dance: Artists will explore new ways of moving through guided dance experiences, improvisatory games, and collaborative creative tasks as a means of personal discovery, self-expression, and building authentic connections.

Music & Art: Artists will expand their understanding of each modality and explore how combining music and art can open new opportunities for expression.

Yoga & Mindfulness: Artists will learn postures and breathing techniques to help them be fully present in order to cultivate self-awareness of both the physical body and emotional self. Each yoga session will encourage kindness & acceptance of self and others through the use of stories, games, and crafts.

Creating Together Arts Camp
Interest Form

​Register here
beginning April 1!

Daily Schedule

*Subject to change

8:45  Drop-off

9:00  Yoga & Mindfulness

10:00 Dance

11:00 Theatre

12:00 Lunch/Free Play

1:00  Art 


3:00 Arts Exploration

4:00 Pick-up

Teaching Artists

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