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Class Offerings

Moving Together

Creative Movement Classes for Caregivers AND Children (ages 0 - 6)


Moving Together classes are multi-sensory celebrations of movement, music, and PLAY!


These collaborative Creative Movement Classes are intentionally designed for both caregivers & children to move together in discovering new ways of connecting to themselves, to each other, and to the surrounding environment.


Classes will include neuroscience-aligned, developmentally appropriate movement activities using engaging songs, stories, and props to help balance the brains & bodies of our little ones and ourselves, too.

As caregivers move together with their children and other families in the class, they invite their nervous systems to experience creativity, connection, & community.

Moving Together Creative Movement Classes are sometimes held for families, including dancers of all ages and abilities. More frequently, classes are divided into age groups of Caregivers & Babies (Pre-walking), Caregivers & Toddlers (1 - 3y), and Caregivers & Kids (4 - 6y).

"Moving Together" Caregivers & Babies is recommended for babies who are not yet walking and are comfortable/content being held. Caregivers may bring carriers for baby-wearing while moving, however they are not required.

Accommodations will be made as needed to create an inclusive, welcoming class experience for all participating dancers.

"I loved the message and reflection. CMLV went above and beyond to share perspective,

much more than any class I've taken." - Hilary, Mom of 2

For the kiddos:

  • Fun, movement-centered games designed around engaging, developmentally-appropriate themes 

  • Opportunities for physical movement, social engagement, emotional exploration, & creative expression

  • Quality time to connect with their favorite person- YOU!​

For the grown-ups: 

  • Opportunities to breathe, move, and reflect for yourself

  • Neuroscience-rooted movement strategies to support you in your role as a caregiver

  • Intentional time devoted to connecting with your little one 

"I was so impressed with everything put into the class, the themes are perfectly tailored with great messaging, and my little guy was active, focused, engaged and loved every minute of time with Miss Angie."

Lauren, Mom of 2

Creative Movers

Creative Movement Classes for Children (ages 4 - 12)

New sessions TBA

In Creative Movers, children will hop, skip, and jump towards an embodied understanding of the foundational elements of dance.

Elementary aged children are invited to contribute their own movement ideas through improvised & imaginative games, collaboratively created dance stories, and the exploration of a variety of engaging props.


An emphasis is placed on the creative process while encouraging children to self-express in ways that feel authentic to them as individuals.


Choice-making and creative problem solving in guided movement activities builds confidence and allows each child to experience success.

Accommodations will be made as needed to create an inclusive, welcoming class experience for all participating dancers.


Creative Movers is the ideal dance class for kiddos who enjoy marching to the beat of their own drum!

Creative Movement Classes for Teens & Adults

Brain & Body Moves

Brain & Body Moves Creative Movement Classes are designed to be inclusive for various experience levels and abilities.

Each class will provide a balance of mellow & motivating movements, allowing movers to come together to experience community, co-regulation, and confidence in exploring self-expression through the body.

Holistic/somatic practices will be introduced, as well as dance/choreographic concepts and collaborative phrase work.

"I've struggled with anxiety on and off for most of my adult life. CMLV's Creative Movement for Adults is genius. It creates a tangible connection between the brain and the body, grounding me, connecting me

with my breath, and challenging me to look at myself in new ways."  - Caitlin, Mom of 5

Brain & Body Moves is perfect for:


  • the mover who claims to have "two left feet" and is looking for a seriously fun way to be physically active while tiptoeing into a (potentially) new creative practice

  • the mover who "used to be a dancer" and wants to be reminded that they still are

  • the mover who just wants to experience the joy of moving their body in a brain & body affirming atmosphere

"Embodying Your Power" Virtual Creative Movement Workshop for Adults * June 2021

Love for "Brain & Body Moves" Creative Movement Class for Adults * December 2023

Class Registration

To register for an outdoor or virtual
CMLV Class, please fill out the form below.

Pricing & Payment Options:

Single Class .....    $10 (30m class)

(Outdoor)          $15 (45m class)

               $20 (60m class)

4-Class Series ..... $35 (4 30m classes)

(Outdoor)         $50 (4 45m classes)

                     $65 (4 60m classes)

Single Class .....  $5 (30m class) 

(Virtual)          $10 (45m class)

                    $15 (60m class)

4-Class Series ..... $15 (30m classes)

(Virtual)           $30 (45m classes)

                     $45 (60m classes)


Dancer(s)* .....    $5 each/class


Virtual Class pricing is per household.  Outdoor Class pricing is per caregiver/child pair; Pairing is ideal when there is a

1:1 caregiver to child ratioFees apply for additional dancers when Moving Together outdoors.

CMLV reserves the right to cancel sessions with insufficient enrollment. Refunds will be issued for any cancelled sessions.

"The most fun class I ever had!" - Anna, 5

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