Creativity Moves Lehigh Valley aims to address the development of the whole dancer through brain-based strategies and a holistic curriculum. We believe it is imperative to maintain research-based, best practices in the development of ourselves and of our children. We recognize the validity of diverse forms of self-expression and encourage each individual to pursue authenticity through their artistry. Our bodies speak out in ways that our voices cannot.

At CMLV, we maintain a creative approach to dance education. We place an emphasis on process rather than product while exploring movement through story-telling, improvisation, and PLAY! Learning is developed conceptually, focusing on the foundational movement aspects of Body, Energy, Space, & Time (B.E.S.T). Self-awareness and personal growth are paramount to our practice.

"I was so impressed with everything put into the class, the themes are perfectly tailored with great messaging, and my little guy was active, focused, engaged and loved every minute of time with Miss Angie." ~Lauren, Mom of Noah (3)

Moving Together

Virtual Creative Movement Classes for Caregivers AND Children  Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. ET LIVE on Zoom

Class Registration

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"Moving Together" Virtual Creative Movement Classes are intentionally designed for caregivers AND children (ages 3 - 7) to connect, breathe, and move together from the comfort and safety of home. 


Through "Moving Together," CMLV aims to provide opportunities to co-regulate with our children, modeling movement-based strategies to creatively calm our brains and bodies when we encounter stress and BIG emotions.

Space is limited! Class sizes are kept small to allow for questions, feedback, and individual interaction with each family.


Classes are 45 minutes long with an additional 10 - 15 minutes of "reflect & connect" time afterwards, if you choose to participate. Participating caregivers are also invited to continue the conversation in our private Facebook group, "Moving Together: Developing Community," a safe space to share questions, reflections, and support, surrounding the areas of personal development, positive parenting, and dance education.


Please register using the form provided here. Upon registering, you will receive confirmation that you have been enrolled in your class(es). Once payment is received, you will be emailed the Zoom Meeting ID & Password for your class(es). Day of Drop-in Registration & Payment must be received by 10:00 a.m. in order to participate. Payment may be made via Venmo @creativitymoveslv or Zelle ( 

Register by December 26 to enjoy our Early Bird rate! (All prices listed below are per household.)

"I loved the message and reflection. CMLV went above and beyond to share perspective, much more than any class I've taken." ~Hilary, Mom of Joey (5) and Sammy (3)

Moving Together Winter Series 2021: "Natural Magic"

The warmth of a crackling campfire on your chilled cheeks in the winter snow...


The smell of bluebells drifting through the springtime air as the ground begins to thaw...


The immediate relief from that first sip of ice cold water after a late summer run...


The crunch of a million multicolored leaves beneath your feet, covering the earth like a blanket, on a crisp autumn hike through the woods...

                                                                                      * * * * *

Perhaps you can conjure an image, or even a feeling, based on reading the sensations described above. Our lived memories of these types of experiences in nature can allow us to visualize and recreate them, at will. However, the real magic happens when our bodies actually come in contact with nature and get to work interpreting the sensory information through our nervous system, sending the information to our brain, creating thoughts and feelings, resulting in actions and behaviors. Most people would appreciate these simple pleasures, however there are highly sensitive individuals that feel these types of experiences on a much deeper level and/or may interpret the same information in a completely different way.

High sensitivity is an innate trait found in 15-20% of the world's population (in over 100 species) and allows an awareness to subtleties due to the way the individual's uniquely-wired brain processes and reflects on sensory information. Highly sensitive people (HSPs) feel all the feels and sometimes may not know what to do with them. This can result in feelings of overwhelm, frequent meltdowns (dysregulation), and/or just trying to hide all those feelings in an attempt to appear "normal" and/or accommodate others. Does this sound like anyone you know? Investigate if you or your child may be highly sensitive by taking a self-test formulated by Dr. Elaine Aron, based on her research surrounding high sensitivity.

Highly sensitive adults and children tend to be imaginative, expressive, and gravitate towards the arts. They are often extremely creative and have a particular affinity for the natural world. While there can be distinct challenges in living a highly sensitive life, and/or raising a highly sensitive child (HSC), I believe HSPs' connection with the natural world can provide them with the necessary tools to succeed when their senses overwhelm them.  What secrets do the four elements hold for reminding us to access our own sensitivity and for creating our own, natural magic?

For the kiddos:

  • Fun, movement-based games designed around engaging, developmentally-appropriate themes 

  • Opportunities for physical movement, social engagement, emotional exploration, and creative expression

  • Quality time to connect with their favorite person- YOU!​​

Combining a little inspiration from everyone's favorite snow queen (understanding her own "natural magic" in her story's sequel) and my own experience as a highly sensitive parent raising a highly sensitive child, I've designed this series for your child to enjoy playing and moving with YOU in our Moving Together Winter Series: "Natural Magic." 


For the grown-ups: 

  • Intentionally designed opportunities to breathe, move, and reflect for yourself

  • Guidance and support in the areas of personal development and respectful parenting through a movement-based, creative approach

  • Weekly post-class, reflection emails tailored to each theme and a private Facebook group dedicated to "Developing Community"

  • Intentional time devoted to connecting with your little one 

Let's connect, breathe, and move together as we reflect on the nature of high sensitivity amidst an extremely tumultuous time, allowing a deeper connection to materialize with our children, through an embodied exploration of the four elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.

Dates & Themes:


January 9 "Feeling Deeply"

Exploring: BODY/Earth 

January 16"Space to Breathe"

Exploring: SPACE/Air

January 23 "Rippling Reflections"

Exploring: TIME/Water

January 30 > "Create the Spark"

Exploring: ENERGY/Fire

Single Class .....$15

4-Class Series.....$45

Early Bird Series.....$40 

First-Time Trial Class.....FREE

"The most fun class I ever had!" ~Anna (5)


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